Our Volunteer Team

These men and women have helped the Soul not only get off the ground, but they are integral to the keeping the wheel turning day in and day out. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Kat Smith

Kat is a player for the 2018 Soul and is coordinating home games for the team. She has played for Boston's Darkwing, Birmingham's Steel, and Atlanta Outbreak. She currently coaches The New School. 

Home Games Coordinator

Alicia Queen

Alicia is an integral member of the Atlanta Ultimate community and plays a key part in keeping the Soul running. Alicia has played for Tallahassee's Sabre Corp, Atlanta Outbreak, and Jared Lorenzen Project.

Operations Coordinator

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Chris Cahill

Chris has been closely involved in the creation of this website and in providing legal support to get the Atlanta Soul up and running. He has also provided a sponsorship to make this website possible! Learn more about Chris here.   

Website Content & Sponsorship

Lisa Fitton

Lisa is a member of the 2018 Soul and the project manager for the Atlanta Soul website. A recent graduate from Florida State, Lisa most recently played / captained Florida G-Unit. Let her know if you run into any glitches or typos! 

Website Design

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Legal Support Team