Be a Financial Investor in ATLANTA SOUL

ATLANTA SOUL is a 100% community-funded organization. We are committed to a community model for several reasons:


  • It ensures the team is OWNED by the community. ATLANTA SOUL cannot exist without people like you. We think it is important to ensure Atlanta Soul is something that is desired by, and therefore funded by, the community. This ensures Atlanta Soul has the community’s interests at heart, first and foremost.

  • If Soul ever becomes something that does not help our community, people will stop funding it. Thus, there is a natural accountability process built in to this business model.

Here are some of the ways that ATLANTA SOUL has given back to the community during the last year:

  • Formed a professional women’s ultimate frisbee team in Atlanta, the first ever of it’s kind.

  • Hosted the first ever professional women’s ultimate frisbee game in the state of Georgia.

  • Played in 4 professional games total, creating free video livestreams with tens of thousands viewers.

  • Massively increased the visibility of female ultimate players in the South (in-stadium game, website, social media, livestreams, promotional opportunities, etc.).

  • Provided youth with professional female athlete role models at ultimate camps and clinics.

  • Provided youth, college, and club players with coaches who are professional athletes.

  • Removed money as a barrier for professional athletes who have a hard time affording to play ultimate. This is particularly exciting for us in Atlanta, where we have the highest income inequality in the country. 


If you are interested in partnering with us financially this season, and receiving HUGE THANKS from us forever, you can invest today! We have options for paypal or credit/debit card, and you can also send a check:


Send a check to:

Madeleine Frey

730 Oakland Ave SE

Atlanta, GA 30315


We want to understand our investors and our community as best as possible, so please contact us if you have any questions or thoughts or comments at all!

Thank you!


Maddy & Angela


Note for $1,000-level pre-season sponsors:

You have the opportunity to be listed as a sponsor on our jerseys! You will also receive a free customized jersey with your name on it, a free season pass to our 3 home games (May 4, June 1, and June 8), and opportunities to hang out with the team in our locker room pre- or post-game. A home stadium rental costs about $1,000 per day. With your donation, you can ensure that we can actually play one of our 3 home games in a stadium!!

How Else Can I support the Team?

Be a Volunteer

Have skills and experience that could benefit the team? Don't hesitate to reach out to our leadership and see if you can assist as a volunteer. Contact us

Every time you watch or attend a women's pro game, you are support the growth of women in Ultimate.